What’s your Social Media Strategy?!

Max McFarlaneAnalytics, SEO, Social Media Marketing


If you are moving with the times, you are actively using Social Media to promote your business online. It’s not an easy job, but it’s fun.

If you have been doing it for a while we’re sure you have noticed that it changes from one day to the other. Yeap, that’s the fun bit, right?!

Sooo…it’s your social media strategy changing as well? We think it should.

Making changes

Do you know how many social media channels are out there? The answer is the same as

“how long is a piece of string? ?”

Are you trying new social platforms? Remember, your target audience changes too.

Are you using up to date hashtags? Same as social media channels, there are a few hundred sites where you can find the best and more engaging #hashtags. Here are our 3 favourites:

  1. hashtagify.me
  2. hashatit.com
  3. best # for IG

Are you keeping an eye, and stats, on your audience? Find your audience and know what they want. Start by analyzing your strategy:

  • who is your target audience?
  • what type of audience do you want?
  • do you have more than one audience? list them all out
  • talk to your audience through surveys
  • check your competitors …Be sure to locate your competitor’s online presence!!
  • engage with your audience
  • deliver quality solutions. Think who you are, what you stand for, and what positive contributions you can make to your audience. Surprise your audience


Have you set up clear goals? Your #sm should engage and build relationships.

Providing value first will bring in sales later on?

Would you like to expand your online presence? Need a hand to discover your target audience? Call us to get a FREE SOCIAL CHECK.