Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about to creating and sharing valuable knowledge related to what you sell, to attract and convert users into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.
Google’s new algorithm looks at web pages from the same view as a human visitor and asks whether the content on the page answers a question or provides some value. It’s all about you do you sell your product, the words you use, the description you gave them and the service it gives to the user.

Content marketing is the right tool to,

  • help user to decide whether to buy your product
  • building your brand and attracts customers
  • write interesting content and… “they will come”…
  • get noticed by Google and be placed in the search results so people can find your business

You can measure your efforts with numbers,

  • how many visitors your content attracts
  • how many visitors convert into leads
  • how many current clients provide your business free word-of-mouth advertising

Writing content for the web is different than writing for print. Still, content is king…as long as it is unique, rich and engaging.
At Local SEO Edinburgh, we will set up a strategic plan, use a corporate style guide, create an editorial calendar and review your analytics and metrics until we get it right for you.
If you need evidence as to why your business and brand should be actively sharing content, and you want a cost-effective and solutions-driven marketing service, Local SEO Edinburgh is the right choice.