Should You Use A Survey?

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Marketing is not concerning just speaking at the customers. It’s about speaking with them, and finding out which content they’re most interesting in.

To achieve this, you can take a look at analytics, such as subscriber numbers on e-mail e-newsletters, click-through prices and the amount of remarks you obtain on a post.

While it’s incredibly helpful to learn where you stand in regards to ROI, it’s likewise necessary to get straight comments from your clients to figure out if your advertising and marketing initiatives are working and your goals are being achieved.

One method to figure out your customers’ opinions is by sending a survey. The following are some suggestions to remember, in addition to some websites that will help you properly check your viewers.

At Local SEO Edinburgh, we have highlighted 5 easy steps to get you starting with surveys.

Decide Upon a Goal
A single, all-inclusive survey for every single one of your marketing campaigns won’t really  cut it. Your customers need a number of studies around for all your various jobs. Before you begin thinking of what you’ll ask, you need to recognize just how the answers will be implemented.

For instance,  you would like to know where most of your website visitors are coming from. From there, you can then begin to formulate the questions. You could ask your site visitors how they discovered your website, what other sites they like to visit, as well as whether they saw you on social networks platforms.

When designing your survey, specificity is key. Set a precise goal, and work from there.

Choose The Best Platform
You have some clients who follow you mainly on social networks while others only receive your e-newsletters. If your survey isn’t pertinent to your consumers, they will take one look at it and also choose not to answer it.

After you think of your purpose for the survey you need to post it on the appropriate platform. Then, you will actually get to the segment of the audience you’re intending to target.

When you publish or send the survey, make sure that it’s prominent so that your audience could, in fact, see it. One week, instead of sending your e-newsletter, email your users the survey instead.


If you get a lot of hits on your Facebook page at a certain time of day or day of the week, blog post it after that. For a limited time, run a pop-up survey prior to clients have a look at of your e-commerce website. Make the links to your survey highly visible for your users to see them.

Short & Sweet
If your users answer your survey, you must be grateful. Therefore, it is very important that you keep it brief and simple, easy-to-answer questions.

You should run a test on your own survey. Are all your questions answered? Is it easy to understand? If the whole process takes more than a couple of mins, cut some questions out and save them for the next time around.

Don’t Bombard Your Audience
Surveys are crucial, but you should understand exactly how many should you send out. If you ask your users too many questions frequently, you run the risk of irritating them as well as inevitably turning them off your brand name.

Thankfully, you have much more freedom on your social media networks. Claes G. Fornell,  owner of the American Customer Fulfillment Index, said

Young people are fine with answering surveys on social media since, when you consider it, the whole concept of social media is, ‘I’m going to offer my viewpoint whether I’m asked or otherwise.’

E-newsletters, however, are a different tale. When it concerns email advertising it’s advise sending surveys one or two times a year. For text advertising and marketing, keep the same general rule. Your survey will be landing into individuals’ personal e-mail addresses and also mobile phone inboxes, so you do not want them to feel as if they’re being harassed.

Offer Incentives
Wish to get answers as well as build brand awareness? Give your clients discount rates or prizes for answering your survey. At the end of every survey, you can provide a voucher or ask customers to opt-in their email addresses to be included in a raffle to some choose participants.


Consumers always value freebies. By supplying them prizes and also incentives, you’re revealing that you value that they took time out of their days to answering your survey. Next time, they’ll be more likely to submit one more survey.

Start Surveying
There are several online survey generators companies offering free and paid services.

Some of the most popular are SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Google Forms, Doodle, and SurveyPlanet.

Go on, try them today and let us know how easy it was…or if you need some help.

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