Google My Business

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Registering and verifying your business on Google My Business can be overwhelming for some…or anyone.


You have 3 ways of getting the grey badge for a verified business on Google MB.

  1. Post
  2. Phone
  3. Webmaster tools
By post
  1. Sign in Google My Business with your Gmail or Google Drive.
  2. Search for your business using its name and address. The screen for verification options will automatically appear when you create a local page
  3. is your business not showing?  click No, these are not my businesses or I’ve correctly entered the business.
  4. Make sure that you enter a correct street address, and a phone number your business is registered with.
  5. After you’ve completed your business information, click on Submit.


If you are not too sure what kind of a page should you create for your business,  Martin Shervington has a video that will help you to choose the right page.

By Phone

Your second option for verification is to receive the code by phone. Remember to be near the phone number you have registered your business with, as Google will send you an automated message with your code verification number. Once you have the code, entered it as the verification by post.


After you’ve entered the code, you’ll see a screen asking you to review your information and make any last-minute changes if needed. Then click ‘Done editing’ and you’ll be finished.

By Webmaster Tools
  1. Log into Analytics: and sign in with your account


2. Connect Webmaster Tools :  and Add a site by entering the URL of the site. Choose between:

Recommended method => You’ll need access to your server to upload the verification file

Alternate method => If you have fluency in markup language, choose the HTML tag and follow the directions


The verified webmaster can confirm the link in Search Console.

3. Then go to Google My Business : and once the link has been approved, you’ll receive an email and you’ll also see a checkmark verified checkmark next to your website on the “About” tab of your page .

By verifying your website and your Google+ page your business can take advantage of many extra Google’s services. And it can help the search engines to display better results in queries.

It really is an easy process to follow and necessary for your business to be indexed and shown by search engines. You can do-it-yourself but…If you need a helping hand, just get in touch and we will guide through it or even do it for you!