Hotels And Google

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Do you remember back in the days when Google rolled out “Tags” to permit paid improvement of your local listing?… Well,  Google has been busy and rethought its strategy adding these paid attachments into the cost-free Google Local.

The Local Section has been the last of “totally free” placement, and moving with the times, it won’t be free anymore!

Monetizing is the keyword on the marketing world, and Google couldn’t stay behind.

When looking for Hotels Edinburgh notice that the Hotel Knowledge Panel displays the hotel’s own booking link and prices. In the past, this space was reserved for OTA’s (online travel agents that used AdWords and then charged the hotel a commission based on booking).

To be able to add this feature to your hotel, you’ll need to go through your Google Hotel Ads when setting your AdWords campaign.

This brand-new Tag like form is originating from within Google Hotel Ads.  And it’s helping independent hotels and B&B’s.  Tim Capper

Hotel Ads work within the AdWords framework and not commission based as with OTA’s. So if you are already using AdWords this may be another avenue for you to explore.


Google Tags (aka Improved Listings) was Google testing grounds to “help” small companies into marketing (around 2010). Today it appears that as opposed to seeking the next large thing for regional they are merely aiming to monetize every little space of Local Businesses left where they could “add” a commercial message.

There is, however, a very fainted link at the bottom-right of the local search “About pricing

Follow the link to see how Google explains how hotel prices work.


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