Setting Up Special Hours in 5 Steps

Max McFarlaneGoogle


Is your business on Google My Business?…Does your business have some special hours you would like to let your clients know about?

How to set special hours for Google My Business page

  1. Log into your Google My Business account



2. On the  Dashboard, click on  Edit business details


3. Scroll down to special hours section (just below regular hours), click on edit icon



4. Choose a date then select opening hours and closing hours for that date, or select closed if you won’t be open for business


5. Choose + Add another set of special hours to add more dates  and click SAVE


How It Works

For Special Hours to work and be visible on your dashboard , you need to have your original opening hours listed.

Use Closed for holidays like; Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day etc.

Special hours can be also be used if you open after your regular hours or if you need to close up earlier on specific days.

You can set 3 months of closed days, and you are able to set Special hours for 1 year in advance.


As you can see there’s no excuse for your customers not to know when are you open or closed. And thanks to Google My Business, you can improve your Customer Service with just 5 clicks!

Let’s us know if you need any help and we’ll be happy to guide you through the marvellous world of Google ;D