Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Hotel?

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The tourism industry is a very competitive industry. Reports show the growth of it in this year is about ONE HUNDRED billion greater than it was five years ago. Thanks to the global economic recovery (long due after the 2008 recession) travellers have got back the “travelling bug”.
Lots of things have changed since 2008 within the hospitality world. Due to a direct response to emerging new markets, political stability (in most countries) and increase on skilled and trained employees thanks to new working visa policies. New business models (like Airbnb or Uber) have made a noticeable impact on traditional travel services.
According to UNWTO Tourism, the US market will grow more than six times faster than the European market. With European chain hotels growing three times faster than independents between 2013 and 2017

Overall growth in online bookings

It is estimated that 39% of Europe online reservations, will be made online by 2017 (a rise of 5%). The figure in the USA is 44% (an increase of 2%)

According to recent statistics, only 8% of bookings are currently made on mobile devices. But by 2018, that figure will stand at 35%, meaning mobile-friendly websites are critical for hotels wanting to drive up their revenues.

Many hotels have recognised the potential with their websites and have become technology-savvier to try to push more of that online business their way. The increase on OTAs will have a significant share of the US market (over 52%).

But travellers themselves, have forced the major change in the industry

We have seeing a change in booking habits. Booking your holidays couldn’t be easier nowadays.
Thanks to smartphones, mobile devices, geolocation software, social-sharing platforms and wireless technology. Meta search engines like Google, firms like Kayak (offering travellers a tailored user experience), travellers expectations like “green policy” (hotels must have some sort of environmental program in place) and a new kind of travellers…technology-savvy travellers!
Technology is better and smarter, making it easier for a more integrated user experience.
Recent research conducted by Nielsen for Google showed

“… customers spend an average of 53 days booking their trip, during which they view 28 different sites over 76 sessions, while more than half of travellers use social media for travel tips.”

Marketing trends and technology are showing to be the best tools for hotel marketing

And it would be foolish for anyone in the hospitality sector to dismiss their opportunity and take a share of this massive amount of money.
While the independent hotelier has more tools than ever before, the money right now is on brands, brands and more brands.
It must continue to adapt to succeed.

What’s the best way to achieve it? Refining their marketing methods.
In this day and also age, the net is where people spend the greater part of the day. Specifically for a hotel, it is a central advertising and marketing location and also one which should be used to the optimum to maintain the same level of the competition.

Calling in the cavalry

Here are three reasons why you should consider to use an online advertising and marketing company.

1. Experts on hand
Marketing companies are experts in advertising, on offline and online platforms. Which means that all their sources will be focused on doing this work. They can guarantee a ‘real-time’ follow up on social media sites and online trends, which will help them to build and develop the right image for the business. Digital marketing companies also have accessibility to exclusive advertising and marketing equipment.
And since they keep up to date with their industry, they will be able to keep your business relevant on your niche market, making sure you are in front of your competitors.

2. Cutting down on wages
For any business, the marketing department will be a variety of individuals who compose, layout, modify, analyse and also do various other essential marketing jobs. This will increase cost in wages. And don’t forget about the time spent on hiring new staff members. Time is money in any business. Sourcing out the help of a digital marketing company will cut expenses, and you can require their services whenever you need them.

3. Time management
By letting an agency deal with your marketing, you will be able to focus on your business better. The more time you spend on trying to market your product the less time you have left to improve it. They are specialists in time management, as they usually work for several clients, at the very same time. With their reputation on the line, you can be sure they will always strive to deliver the best service.

Is your business in keep with the 21st-century techniques? Do you need any help to get your hotel on the cyber map?