SEO Edinburgh: How Search Engine Optimisation Can Improve Your Website

Search engine optimisation will dramatically impact the bottom line of any local business. Let’s look specifically at how it will increase and affect your business.

The first difference that search engine optimisation has compared to any other type of marketing that you will do is that search engine optimisation is what’s called a pull medium. Every other form of marketing, whether it’s television, radio, magazine or signage advertising
, that type of marketing is geared to give the right message at the right time to the right person. You’re going to see ads on television, not all of them are going to be specific to you. There trying to reach the right person at the right time and so in doing so millions of people are going to see the ad, but very few are going to say I need that right now, that’s push medium. Their pushing the message to as many people as possible trying to hit the few that need it.

Search engine optimisation works on an entirely different principle because what happening with SEO, is that you are pulling people in. When people are searching for something, for example ‘SEO Edinburgh‘ they are taking an active role in the marketing. They are going to a search engine and saying ‘I need this’, and your job is to increase the visibility of your website so that you show up when they are looking for you.

We call that inbound marketing because it is people looking for information, looking for answers, looking for products and so they are coming to your site, they are looking for all these things, and so it’s a very active role as they come to your site, and now you can market to them. But marketing through the search engines starts before they come to your site. It starts with visibility in the search engines. When someone type’s something into the search engine, when they take those words in; they have to select immediately from some choices in the search engine results, and so the key is to be found. It’s that visibility that is going to help your business increase the amount of people that are exposed to your website. And so you want to be found when the searcher is actively looking for the information that they want. This allows you to compete to your strengths, is your strength in content, is your strength in video, is your strength in providing something of value such as a White Paper or information that no one can find anywhere else. This is what gives you the ability to compete against other companies to be found and to provide information that may be different than everybody else. Search engine optimisation is the number one source of sales for websites because you are getting so many people to your site and you can dramatically increase the number of visitors to your site. Businesses that implement SEO campaign’s report immediate results in sales and leads, subscribers, and visitors because what they are doing is increasing the visibility. Being found when the searcher is looking for you. There is a significant return on investment. Search engine optimisation is very very simple in fact as you go through this article and the additional articles in our blog, you will find that there are just a lot of common sense techniques that will enable you to increase your visibility. It’s rewarding because the moment you start optimising your site you will start to see results and so the more you do, the more you will experience and the more you optimise your site you going to see the rewards happening very quickly. It’s not unusual to see results within a few weeks or a few months, and it depends on how long your site has been in existence but fast results are very easy to see. Another great thing is that it’s measurable. Because all of the marketing takes place online anything that online can be measured, and so with your analytics your going to be able to see how valuable your efforts have been and how rewarding they’ve been to the business. Because it’s measurable, you can immediately see how much effort you’ve put in and your going to see the reward for it. Being able to show a measurable result to search engine optimisation is going to enable you to do more and have more freedom to build more and to try and see if other things will work, how they work and how effective they are. You can always change and modify your strategy, based on the results.

A couple of things here that we need to look at before we move on. Number one is that there are no guarantees when building an SEO strategy. We guarantee that your return on investment when employing our marketing company in Edinburgh is going to be big, but we won’t put a specific number on that. The reason why is that the only thing that you are doing with search engine optimisation is influencing results. You’re not going to make a definite change in the results, there is no way that our SEO Edinburgh marketing agency, you can take the site from number 12 to number two it may happen, but you can’t guarantee it. You are always up against other sites, you competing with many other websites and many other digital marketing agencies are in the same market. You can’t guarantee that you will get number one in Google, it simply can’t happen because you don’t work for Google. All you are doing is influencing the results and so when we tell clients or when we tell customers or anyone like that, is that what we are doing is influencing the results, our goal is to see consistency in the top results of the page because that’s all we can influence. We can’t guarantee the position, but we can say we are going to see results.

It’s very strategic. What works in one industry may not work in another industry, and so you always need to try and test and see what works for you. The great thing is you can see results pretty quickly and so you can always respond to different tactics or different strategies, and you can see what works for you. You can see what is working for your competitors; you can see what’s working for other sites in the results and either try and match or modify those techniques. How much work you have to do, is going to be directly related to the efforts of your competitors. If your competitors are active in search engine optimisation, if they are always trying to influence and gain rankings, then your job is going to be very busy. If you don’t have any competitors that are actively doing any search engine optimisation, you may find your job to be very easy, but the amount of work you do is gonna be directly related to the amount of competitors you have in that industry. Your business needs to respond to specific search engine optimisation issues and always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Here at Local SEO Edinburgh we work with business owners from all kinds of markets and industries. From your local electrician or tradesman to high street shops, we can help you build a strong and lasting online presence.