Getting to the top of Google without backlinks???

Max McFarlaneSEO


A question that we are asked more and more often is ‘ does my website need backlinks to rank in google? ‘ Well a quick look at our position in google for the keyword seo edinburgh leads us to believe that links to your website are becoming less important.

Over the last 6 months we have been trying rank our website for the keyword  seo edinburgh. During this time we have created no backlinks to our site apart from the links from directory citations such as Yell, Thomsonlocal and similar directories.

What we have been doing is creating relevant content on the subject of SEO and updating our social media profiles with quality content. SEO Edinburgh gets approx 270 searches per month, the current websites that rank on the first page of google for this keyword have up to 500,000 backlinks and have domain ages of up to 15 years.

Local SEO Edinburgh have 6 backlinks and a domain age of 9 months.

What can you take from this?

There are big changes in online marketing and how to rank your website in search engines. Gone are the days of acquiring as many backlinks as possible and enjoying high search engine positions. Today you have to work harder and continually keep things fresh and intresting for your visitors. You have to do what your main competitors are doing… only better.

How is this done?

Every business has to build a strong social media profile. Your business needs to have interaction with at the very least Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Through your social media accounts you have to produce high quality relevant content on a weekly basis. Search engines are increasingly putting importance on good content. Good content is identified by your websites bounce rate or how long visitors stay on your website for and how many visitors share your content via social media.

The problem with creating quality content is TIME. Writing quality content takes time and effort that most businesses have little of. Another factor that businesses find difficult is the ongoing nature of having a social media presence. Most business owners start off with good intensions of regulary updating their various platforms only to fall gradually behind over the coming weeks and months. This is where Local SEO Edinburgh can help. Not only can we write your content but we have the expertise at hand to distribute and share this content to the right places at the correct time. We can also offer help and advise on website technical issues that are becoming important like having a site that is ‘mobile friendly’ and one that loads and renders fast in all devices.