Google It

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Your very first step when developing an online visibility and also improving your local SEO is to create a Google business page. It makes sense, right? You are trying to be ‘searchable’ by potential clients looking for your services, so you need to ‘notify’ Google you are open for business.

Google+ Local

A Google+ local page is a directory site listing for Google+ with information like the business’ name, address, website, contact number and hours of operation.

Those are the basic business details for your ‘online business card’. Yes, there’s not harm on having a physical and an online business card
Google uses those details when people search for your business using Google Maps. It also lets potential customers assess your business, which is key when developing brand authority.

Google+ Brand Page?

The difference between a Google Business page and a Google Brand page is a physical location of the business.

If a business has a physical location, like a front-shop, or an office and it can also attend customers on their location, then that business needs a business page.

But if the business operates only online and does not serve customers at their location, then they will need to use a Brand page.

Have you already got a Google+ brand page? You can “merge” it with your Google+ local pages.