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Since we started our journey through social media marketing, we have noticed how quick clients learn bad habits.

It’s something we all do; it’s like when you learn a foreign language, what are the first words you pick on? Yep, the bad ones, and the whole alcohol related ones, right?!

Well, the same goes for/on social media. That’s why we have put together an easy-peasy list of tips for all businesses owners who need a hand with their social media.
Regardless of the business size, or your skill levels, these tips & tricks are designed to help anybody who is active on any social platform.

Tips When Taken Photos

  1. When using Instagram to take your photos, remember, Instagram photos are SQUARE (1:1 ratio).
  2. Vertical or horizontal images will often get cropped when shared to Instagram. So to make sure your shot shows in his full glory, use the ‘rule of thirds,’ divide your frame up into thirds horizontally and vertically and then place your point of interest on one of these thirds.
  3. If uploading from your computer, follow the same rule.
  4. Oh, and yes, you can use your computer to enhance your photos, how do you think National Geographic gets their pics so good?! Can you imagine their photographer’s taken shots with their iPhones…

So go ahead and try to remember the tip on your next photo shoot!
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