Social Media Set Up Package

Because not every social platforms works the same or is the right one for every business, we can help you to choose which one is the best for your business.

We will create a consistent imagery to represent your brand across the platforms that best suit you and we will develop a marketing plan for you to follow on where to post, what to post and best times to post.

Social Media Set Up,

  • set up social accounts for your business best platforms
  • create social profiles
  • create a universal email to connect all your social accounts
  • fill out accurately information about your business
  • create a marketing calendar for every channel
  • create a consistent posting schedule
  • research keywords
  • research target market
  • add links from your social profiles to your website and vice-versa
  • customize profile photo, images, tabs, banners
  • add your location to your profiles (if you’re a local business)

Before we get ‘down to business’ we need to,

  • set up the business goals and objectives to determine the type of messaging you want to send and what type of results are you expecting
  • optimize your multimedia assets like videos, images, etc. And have them all stored in one place at ‘easy reach’
  • check your website traffic
  • monitor insights
  • use advanced search to locate target audience members to help communication and interaction
  • creating a quick responses templates (answering prospect’s questions quick is the best way to provide customer service, to generate leads and to build brand awareness)
  • build brand awareness creating a brand identity and positive brand association

Once we set you up and teach you how to manage it, it’s crucial that you continue working on it. The only way to make Social Media Marketing effective is by using it…everyday…or at least once a week.

If you would like to get started check our prices and get in touch.

Came on…be social!